A Classic Journey

For my current excursion through Thailand I decided to bring along an old friend.  This friend is complex, edgy, compulsive, and ultimately illuminating.  He goes by the name of Ray Bradbury.  And he’s hot, scorching even, at a fiery temperature of Fahrenheit 451 

Beaching myself on a warm layer of crackled coral on the island of Ko Tao, I reconnected with this old pal for two reasons.  For one, the last time I hung out with this guy I was an adolescent of 17.  And two, what better time to reunite than on a new journey that we both can experience together.

I am a firm believer that it is both wise and beneficial to revisit relics of the past.  And the reason is quite simple.  Throughout our lives we are given great words of wisdom by our experienced elders.  But how many of us can look back at the enlightenment we were privileged to receive but too juvenile to absorb?

On the bright side, it wasn’t necessarily our fault.  It’s not that we knowledgeably rebuffed such wisdom, but we just weren’t ready to appreciate it.  Sometimes all we can do is return to these artifacts later in life and just hope that we are more prepared for their valuable lessons this time around.

My escape to Thailand was triggered by a difficult and ambiguous situation that my life is currently in.  The purpose of this trip was not to simply get away or deny the issues, but instead to get a more refined view at what’s going on.  Despite many telling me that this trip was a huge risk and that I was running away from my problems, I decided to take my shoes off and dive into the sea.

When we stare at the jumbled fine print for too long our eyes become fatigued and our sight becomes hazy.  That’s when we must pull out the chair and stand up, leave the room, and then look back at the words from outside the window.  In order to find clarity we must take the risk, leave the bubble, and find a broader viewpoint.

And it is during these trials that we can truly benefit from having an old friend walk us through it.  This time, a sincere thanks to Mr. Bradbury.  Your familiar words have shed new meanings to me and my eyes have found a deeper focus.


Do your own bit of saving, and if you drown, at least die knowing you were headed for shore.”  –Ray Bradbury






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