The Old Man and the Sea

Rummaging through old boxes in the attic of my childhood home, I blew dust off of some old books that I had read back in school.  Peering down at faded cover art enclosing stacks of browning pages, it sadly occurred to me that I never fully grasped the unmatched novelty of these great thinkers and pioneers.  I simply read them for the sake of passing class.

Now that I feel nearly grown up enough to consider myself an “adult”, I realize what I robbed myself of.  Youthfully ignorant to the vintage treasures found in these old stained pages, I’ve now set out to indulge in some of these literary classics.

Over the weekend I revisited an old friend- a Cuban fisherman about to embark on the journey of a lifetime with a creature that is both his enemy and his muse.  A splendorous masterpiece, Hemingway hypnotizes me with the story’s humble protagonist and the sad yet inspiring simplicity of his existence.

Taken for an aquatic joyride with a menacing marlin, the plot symbolizes something that all of us need.  Many of us remain within our comfortable limits in fear of what lurks on the outside.  Then a metaphoric marlin comes along and bites onto the other end of our line, pulling us into the unknown.  The choice is ours whether we let go of that line or do as this brave old man did – grip on tightly, dig our heels into the ground, and simply ride the wave.



DSC00687 A




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1 Comment on The Old Man and the Sea

  1. I’ve tried to teach this in high school several times. I think it’s better visited as an adult.

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