Bermet: A Serbian Treat

Sophisticated in style yet luscious to the touch, Bermet is a fabulous sweet wine nestled within the limits of Serbia.  Typically boozed up with between 16-18% alcohol, these wines make for a perfect aperitif, dessert wine, or even a unique pairing with coffee and cookies.  Produced from both red and white grapes, what makes Bermet really memorable is the aromas that radiate from the wine’s maceration of several spices and herbs.  It is fathomed that Bermet is produced from secret recipes within the town of Sremski Karlovci in Vojvodina, Serbia.  As each family has their personal take on these recipes and methods, it is believed that no two Bermet wines are one in the same.


Even with its secretive nature, Bermet has quite a decorative history.  Throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bermet was not only a hit amongst the aristocrats, but was also largely purchased and distributed as gifts in Vienna.  Towards the end of that era, Bermet also made its way out west where it was onboard and on the menu of the Titanic.  Many years later during explorations, several well-preserved bottles were found amongst the wreckage.


Here were my thoughts on a Bermet that I had the absolute pleasure of tasting recently….

Vinarija Kiš Bermet

With tantalizing aromas and the warmheartedness of the fall season, this Bermet unveiled a nose of heated honey, brown sugar, vanilla bean, baked red cherry, dried lavender, fennel, and tarragon.  Lustfully enticing on the palate, the wine continued onward with its hints of rhubarb pie, cinnamon, nutmeg, and smoked birch; all of which were amorously hugged by the Bermet’s curvaceous body and vitalizing acidity.


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2 Comments on Bermet: A Serbian Treat

  1. Do you have any knowledge of historical evidence that Bermet was served on Titanic? I am working on a project of Serbian wines and possibilities of export to Canada, and i would appreciate the answer for marketing purpose.

    • Bermet is said, by numerous sources, to have not only been on board the Titanic for exporting but was also presented to guests on the ship’s wine card. I don’t have any documentation but it is claimed by several historians so presumably they have found evidence. Best of luck on your project.

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