Zantho Blaufränkisch 2008 – Burgenland, Austria

I  can’t deny that I have always been a massive fan of Austrian reds.  Well priced and often overlooked, there is very little risk but so much to gain from exploring these amazing wines.  Here is one of my favorites lately and what I thought about it…

Zantho Blaufränkisch 2008- Burgenland, Austria

This extraordinarily interesting red starts the nose off with the aroma of burnt sugar, similar to the top layer of a warm crème brûlée.  Hints of  red cherry and raspberry are nicely intertwined with the sugary characteristics.  The palate closely mimics the nose, while adding notes of forest floor, leather, a bit of herbs and even some green cardamom.  This well balanced wine is medium in body and acidity, making it easily drinkable while allowing the taster to have an exhilarating experience on the palate.       -Juju

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